Enjoy clean, standardised data that’s deliciously easy to access and use.

The Data Juice is the perfect solution to your data related challenges. It is a powerful extraction and integration tool that is easily customised to work with data in any environment – including legacy systems. Quite simply, you can reduce the need for expensive software upgrades and reliance on particular vendors because The Data Juice is a simple, seamless application that works across multiple systems in any situation or environment.

The Data Juice makes use of existing computer resources, no other devices are needed. It can manage high data volumes and complex transactions without compromising speed and performance.

The Data Juice makes data more accessible, accurate, standardised, customised, reconcilable, unified, shareable and more reusable within and across agencies/other organisations and in a way that can reduce IT, compliance and other costs by millions of dollars.

The Data Juice difference

Unlike other solutions, The Data Juice unlocks the value of the data that you haven’t been able to access, clean, match, standardise, share or integrate because of cost or technology limitations.

  • You don’t need to replace or upgrade existing systems
  • You don’t need a common platform to share or integrate the data
  • You don’t need to rely on expensive external service providers
  • It operates with existing systems

How will The Data Juice benefit your organisation?

  • Significantly reduces IT, compliance and other costs
  • The Data Juice is tailored to meet the needs of your organisation
  • The Data Juice provides valuable insights your competitors lack, giving you a strategic advantage across all facets of your business – from customer service and marketing to HR and financial planning
  • Data can be converted and integrated into meaningful information from infinite and seemingly incompatible sources
  • Data can be shared reliably, efficiently, and securely regardless of the hosting platform
  • Data can be easily viewed, shaped and manipulated, and exported in multiple formats to multiple external systems
  • Full technical support from specialist consultants based in NZ.