Buyer Beware!


There has been some very high profile cases recently of products not quite truly representative or as effective as people think.
Buyers of both products and services need to be more aware of what they’re buying – this applies across all industries.

In a Beef about their food
In the UK, many were shocked to discover they were unwittingly consuming horse meat rather than the specified beef. Read more about this here »

Do potential risks outweigh benefits?
Closer to home reported a more concerning case of pain killers, which can significantly raise the probability of fatality amongst users. Read more about this here »

Cure or con? Nicotine replacements
There  have been numerous other reports of several studies undertaken questioning the effectiveness of some of the products being marketed and here’s a recent report where not everything as it seems when it comes to Nicotine replacements, and who is providing them. Read more about this here »


All examples of why you don’t judge a book by its cover. What might look beautiful, cool, sexy, or creditable on the outside may not be the case on the inside.

Ensure you research when spending money to find the best product or service for your requirements, and don’t be afraid to ask plenty of questions!

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